A Summary of Policy Commitments


Expected to be implemented in one year


A.         Developing Student Welfare

                             i.                To strive for new discounts programs and continue existing ones cooperation with other tertiary students in Macao;

                           ii.                To propose revision of classroom arrangement and to improve the air-conditioning system;

                          iii.                To follow up the expansion of the campus, in order to improve students¡¦ study environment


B.         Supervising the catering service by installing student commissioners


C.         Improving the facilities in dormitory halls

                             i.                To propose cable-free Internet service in halls outside campus

                           ii.                To cooperate with the Students¡¦ Office setting up a bounty program for good conduct in halls


D.         Improving the Enrolment System

                             i.                To propose an expansion of faculties and courses eligible to use online enrolment system

                           ii.                To propose reviving the function of online correction service of personal information


E.          Strengthening the service of selling old books (all year round at Students¡¦ Centre)


F.          Improving the website of the Students¡¦ Union to improve information flow


G.         Establishing a bounty program to encourage sub-clubs (students) to organize (participate in) quality activities


H.         Arranging members of Executive and Fiscal committees to meet students in order to strengthen communication between the leadership and the membership


I.            Improving the self-help photocopying service by quantity and variety


J.           Opening information to students and Establishing an Accountability System

                             i.                To publicize an annual plan with an annual budget

                           ii.                To open all general meetings of the leadership

                          iii.                To establish an accountability system in order to stress responsibility of the leadership


K.        Introducing the Performance Pledge in order to increase efficiency


Expected to be implemented at the end of the 2-year term


A.         Revising the Transport System of the campus

                             i.                To follow up the , including the parking lot and the bus service


B.         Encouraging diversity of extracurricular activities, strengthening external connections with a fairer mechanism of admission


C.         Strengthening service of Students¡¦ Centre, Prolonging the Service Hours

                             i.                To expand the service hours to the night;

                           ii.                To set up fitness room and recreation room.


D.         Proposing a University-wide Sports Meet


E.          Establishing a database of information of the membership to solve difficulty of communication between the leadership and the membership


F.          Improving the facilities of computer service


G.         Revising the Union¡¦s magazine, with an expansion of the English coverage


H.         To propose an expansion of functions of student card








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